Saturday, April 11, 2009

A weekend ramble

My school is a suburban school that has fairly high expectations...

However, due to its good reputation for academics, our demographics are changing as people move in to take advantage of our educational system. Our "lifers" (kids who go here from K-12) are used to the high expectations because they've had them all the way up. The kids that move-in to our district sometimes have a rough time adjusting, and this group is growing daily

With the idea of the changing of the student body, I'm trying to find the right balance... I want to keep high expectations (of course), yet make AP accessible to all kids that are willing to work. I have been batting around the idea of guided notes, where they are fill in the blank, but I'm worried that is a crutch... I want the kids to be prepared for college level coursework, but sometimes I feel like I am leaving kids behind that just don't have the skills needed because this is their first AP course....

I know this is a small group of kids right now, but I'd rather be proactive than reactive... I've seen this group continue to grow throughout the years and I don't know what to do

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