Friday, June 18, 2010

A New Beginning :)

Yeah, I know - I suck at keeping this blog up to date. This year was CRAZY busy for me, and as far as priorities went, this wasn't one. However, every day, I log in and read the updated blogs on my blogroll, so if I have time to do that, I can jot down a few ideas, right? :)

As with every summer, I have time to rest, relax, and mostly rejuvenate myself. I have found that Twitter is an amazing way to re-engerize my batteries and follow 100 of the most amazing math teachers in the world. After an awesome discussion on the value of homework, I was raring to go learn more about how to be a better teacher. Today was hubby's birthday, so he took the day off and we went trolling the town for books (our favorite thing to spend money on) and I came home with about 8 novels and about a dozen professional books. My plan is to read them and post reviews on here.

The first one up is Literacy STrategies for Improving Mathematics Instruction, so I'm off to read!!! Wish me luck! :)


Ricochet said...

What literary strategies? I took a PBS course a while back on teaching reading in Mathematics. Could lead to some interesting discussions!!

Do you teach AP stat? I am taking the summer institute next month. I do not currently teach stat and am looking for ways to prepare.

Ricochet said...

Does the book address students older than 6th grade?

MizT said...

Ricochet -
I'll let you know as I get more into it :) Keep tuned for my review :)

I do teach AP Stat (going into year 11) as well as college Intro to Stat. Feel free to ask anything and I will try my best to help. Twitter is also a great resource as well :)

KFouss said...

You bought 20 books today? Wowee. I love to read, but I wouldn't even know where to start with 20! :) (I did buy myself 6 or 7 garage sale-ing this morning, though!)