Monday, June 2, 2014

Made4Math is BACK!

Wow! What a year! It was an awesome year with a great group of kids, but man, I am *exhausted*! I took on two new preps this year and a few new administrative responsibilities, all which added up to a very busy year!

All excuses aside... Summer is HERE! And that means #Made4Math is BACK! :)

What is #Made4Math?!?!?
#Made4Math was started a couple of years ago by @druinok and @pamjwilson as a way to help us organize and plan for the upcoming year. If you have been a teacher for any length of time, you know that throughout the spring semester, you think "I'll tackle projects X, Y, and Z during the summer.. I'll have PLENTY of time then!" Of course, that time goes away VERY quickly and before you know it, August is looming and none of your summer projects are completed! #Made4Math is here to help you have a bit of accountability in tackling those projects. :)

A few simple rules
1) Make something for your classroom! This could be a new decoration, an activity, etc and share it with us by blogging about it, then submitting your post to #Made4Math!

2) If you plan to give access to a file that you have created, please make sure it is free and accessible via your blog and not through a store. I know this rule bothers some people, but the purpose of #Made4Math is not to make money.. it's to share with our friends! One of the guiding principles of the MTBoS is that by crowd-sourcing, we learn from each other and therefore end up being better teachers. :)

3) Reflect on something you already made. Maybe you had a #Made4Math from last year and you want to let us know what worked... and what didn't! Blog it and share with us!

4) Remember that you can participate without blogging at all! Take the time to share the love and post a comment on one of the submissions or tweet out your love and share the link for others to enjoy!

Ready to share your creation?
It's easy to share.. just click HERE and submit a link to your blogpost!

Let's make Year 3 the best #Made4Math year yet!!!


Kathryn said...

Yay for #Made4Math's return! My summer is still two weeks away, but I'll be sharing soon indeed. I'm already running off copies for the fall to beat the rush.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled on this idea while reading your bog today. I've contributed my first resource. Thanks for hosting--what a good way to share.