Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Block Scheduling and Chocolate - A great combo!

Tomorrow is my last day of Geometry End of Instruction exams. This week has gone so quickly with block scheduling! On the positive side, my Geometry students said they felt prepared for the exam. Since we did not have official "review" time, that made me feel a bit better about the week. Of course, from many years as a teacher, I also know that "feeling good" does not translate to high scores! LOL

I had planned to test in my AP Stat class, but with only 6 more class sessions until the AP exam, I decided that I would rather do an activity. Bonus - no grading!!! wooohoooo!! hehe. Looking around my room, I had some left over M&Ms and remembered seeing an AP review activity on Mrs. Smart's website. I started with her idea and tweaked it to fill up a 2 hour review session for various inference methods. Since I typed this up tonight (after a 2 hour nap), it's still pretty rough, so please excuse any typos. :)

Everything I learned about Inference...

The end is in sight! One month left at the HS - only the final left at the Uni... where, oh where did the semester go???

Update: This activity went extemely well!!! The kiddos were actively discussing the problems and stayed engaged for 2 hours - excellent :)


Sarah Cannon said...

Hi Druin,

This isn't related to today's post at all, sorry.

I was going to upload a file to I Love Math this evening, but when I go to the page it's all wrong. Header's "Microsoft Internet Information Server." Any clue what's happening?

It is making me realize how amazing your work there (and everywhere else is).

Mrs. Temple said...

Sarah -

I hope you check this - I'll post on your blog too, but ILM is down for a few days because we are moving to a new server. The new server will let us expand the site and speed up the downloads. So sorry for the inconvenience!!!

Sarah Cannon said...

New server is completely exciting! I already have my next lessons figured out (for once before the weekend rather than at the end of it, this first year thing's been rough), so it was mostly a fear of something horrible happening. Thanks for putting those fears to rest.