Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Countdown...

Since my last post, I have:

1) realized (again) that I have an amazing hubby,
2) taught my last lesson for the semester at Uni
3) lost my cool with my AP kids
4) been exhausted from the stress of life :)

When I last wrote, I was pretty darn ticked at my printer. As I lay in bed at midnight with tears of frustration, hubby tried to console me. The next day during my plan, I printed the originals and made copies for my AP class. About 20 minutes later, hubby shows up at school during lunch with 25 stapled and collated packets for my AP class. Nevermind that I had already made the copies, I was touched by such a generous show of love. :)

The Uni semester is almost over - I am giving a test on Monday and then the final is May 5th. I can't believe how fast it went!

Today, I lost my cool with my AP kiddos - they are a great group and it's very much a family like atmosphere with lots of good-natured joking and ribbing, but today they wanted to play way more than they wanted to work. With the AP exam 2.5 weeks away and only 8 class sessions until then, I don't have time to play! I ended up having to be very stern and I hate that! *sigh* I hope they take some responsibility on their own to study...

Lately it has been all I can do to keep my eyes open. Hubby told me at dinner tonight that I was a walking zombie.... For some reason I have been totally exhausted lately. I know its a combination of things, like dad being in the hospital for 2 weeks (got out today YAY!), totally rewriting a Geometry course (end is in sight there too), EOI exams next week for Geometry (I hope they do well!), and AP exams right around the corner. April is a tough month for me... there is still 5 weeks left of school yet you know you can't salvage much from this group of kiddos, so you start thinking about next year and how to improve, but then I'm impatient because I have to wait so long until then...

Speaking of improvement, every year about this time I start making lists of things I would like to accomplish to be a better teacher. I hope I never outgrow that trait, as I fully believe that lack of growth as a teacher is very dangerous, both professionally and personally for me. I am looking forward to this summer. While it will be very busy, I think it will also be professionally gratifying, with the AP reading, collaboration with other stat teachers, and an AVID insitute.

Well, I suppose it is time to head to bed... I hope you all have a great night!

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Sarah Cannon said...

I'm figuring out what you mean about April being a hard time to keep focused on this year. I hope your dad's doing better and the printer follows suit soon. Good luck!