Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bulletin Boards - Part 2

If you recall, back in June, I posted about my bulletin boards, but at that time I only had one done.

Here was the view from my desk at that time..

Of course, I *thought* it would be a snap to finish up the other two boards, but due to a snafu with my schedule, I postponed putting the other boards together because I wasn't sure what the final schedule would be and I did not want to undo all my hard work!

Thankfully, though, they got my schedule finished this week, so I worked on my room on Thursday and Friday. I still have a TON to do, haven't even started looking at lesson plans, and in general, am NOT feeling up to the start of school in ONE (yes, ONE) week!

But, I did get one of my bulletin boards finished and another started... woohooo! :)

First thing was to take my beautiful letters (see them up on the pic above?) and place them on my bulletin board. Now, I don't know about you, but this is tough for me... for years, I would staple them up, step back, undo staple, readjust, restaple, step back, repeat, repeat, repeat.... Now, I do this:

Notice the maroon yarn. I tie a loop in either end of it and use a thumbtack to connect the left and right sides in a fairly straight line. For those of you with home improvement skills, this is the equivalent of a "chalk line" This lets me make sure things are lined up straight without all of the stapling, etc. You'll also notice the scotch tape at the top of the letters. I always laminate my letters so the scotch tape comes off easier, but with the tape, I can reposition my letters as often as I want/need to without the stapling and unstapling from the years past.

So I got the AP Stat header up, but that's as far as that board made it. I did get my Algebra 2 board done though....

In the middle you can see the 11x17 poster that I made for quiz announcements and the library card pockets that I found at Dollar Tree. Since all of it is laminated, I can write on it with a dry erase marker. The card pockets are similar to the Wall of Remediation that Mathy McMatherson posted about. You will notice that the card pockets on the left are labeled with a quiz number and a Learning Target. Inside each card pocket are the yellow, green, and blue cards for each learning target from this post. The idea is to keep the current quiz cards up there plus any low scoring past objectives, so that kids can easily have access to the cards they need for extra practice for any learning target.

Now just to figure out what to do on the AP Stat board... :)


cheesemonkeysf said...

OMG, this is a thing of beauty.

- Elizabeth (aka @cheesemonkeysf on Twitter)

Jennifer Smith Sloane said...

Love your boards! You know where you can get new letters at any time!


druin said...

Thank you both! I am very pleased with how the board turned out :)

Sarah said...

I totally used your chalk line idea today while putting up my bulletin board titles. Except I didn't have any yarn so I used painters tape that was still lying around from painting my walls.

My titles are so even and level thanks to you!

Lara Hulbert said...

How did you laminate the pockets?

druin said...

@Lara - I used a regular laminator, then used an exacto knife to score the opening so I could put the index cards in there.

Vanessa said...
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