Friday, September 7, 2012

My Favorite New Toy

I have a new favorite toy in my classroom :)

Meet my Elmo. No, not the Sesame Street friend, but my new document camera. I have never had a document camera until this year and I am *loving* it. It really came in handy when I was showing my kids how to set up their notebooks or when I'm showing them how to set up a foldable.

It is connected to my computer, which connects to my projector/Promethean. By using the annotate over desktop of the Promethean, I can even write on it! Woot! The ELMO software also has an annotate feature, but it doesn't work up on the "big board".

Here's what my computer looks like when I'm using the ELMO:

So there's #MyFavFriday - My new ELMO!

Oh, and just because it makes me happy, here's a picture of my three ferrets all sleeping in their favorite cuddle sack :) I love how they are all lined up in a row!


Mrs.C said...

Agreed, document cameras are an awesome tool! Another way to make a document camera for those lucky enough to have an iPad. Elevate the iPad (they sell desk mounts), connect it to a projector, turn on the camera and Voila! a document cam is born.

Jennifer Smith Sloane said...

Totally agree and now don't remember teaching without one.

Mrs. Fisher said...

I don't know what I would do without my document camera. Barely use my Promethean anymore. My camera is a cheaper model ($60) and I am thinking of upgrading to a nicer one since I use it every hour.

Mrs. C - A few years ago I opened Photo Booth on my Mac, propped my laptop on a magazine rack and created a "document camera". It was a hoot, but got the job done.

Mrs. H said...

I agree, my elmo is my favorite piece of technology in my room. I hardly ever use my smart board anymore. The elmos seems so much more efficient.

Megan Hayes-Golding said...

Agreed, the document camera is a wonderful tool! Did you know that you can record yourself on the document camera? I've been playing with this: