Friday, November 30, 2012

It's Friday!!! and a short apology... :)

Yay!!! Friday is finally here! I am SO ready for this weekend! I need time to sleep, catch up, and get my bearings again.

I feel horrible for not posting much lately, other than the #Made4Math and #MyFavFriday collections, but this school year has majorly kicked me in the tail. To add on to it over the holidays, my car had to go into the shop to have the fuel pump replaced (who would have thought that leaking fuel was a bad thing???) and my roof has to be replaced. Nothing like major expenses during the Christmas season! :) The car thing really irks me because if you search for my car model and fuel pump, you get page after page of "recall" notices... but not for my specific VIN, so GM won't cover the repair. *sigh* Thankfully, my stepmom was able to lend me her car for the week, so I've still been able to have transportation. *silver lining*

I have several posts for #Made4Math ready to write, but simply no time to write them. When the "Day in the Life" inititative was going on earlier this month, I tried for several days to track my activity, but every day by 9am, my list was already long and I got overwhelmed and gave up. This entire semester has been like that :( I am juggling as many balls as I can, but no matter what, something ends up dropping :(

But, even in the midst of craziness, good things are happening! I enjoyed spending time with my family and I am reminded on a daily basis of the blessings in my life.

All that to say... I'm so ready for life to settle down! :)

Happy Friday and happy weekend to all!


Max said...

Shoot, you shouldn't have to apologize to us! The world should be apologizing to you. For example: "Dear druinok, I am very sorry I messed up your car and didn't even work it out to put a recall notice so you could get some money back. Sincerely, GM" or "Dear druinok, I never should have failed on you. It was my fault and I sincerely apologize. Sincerely, your roof." or even "Dear druinok, You do me so much credit and work so hard at perfecting me. I'm sorry I'm being ungrateful for all your hard work. Sincerely, the job that is kicking your tail." Maybe after the world has fessed up, you could think about passing that along. But until then, hang in there! Your tweeps have your back.

druin said...

LOL Max.. love it!!! :) Thank you :)

amir hamja said...

hei, what is this?:)