Friday, November 2, 2012

My Favorite People of the Week

It's Friday again!! Wowzers, where does time go? :)

This week, I have two favorites to share with you :)

Favorite Person #1
On my #Made4Math post this week, I gave a shout out to Amy Gruen. If you've never read her blog, then go there - seriously, go now!!! Amy is one of those math teachers that I have a total blog crush on. I mean, I can't think of a single time that I have read her blog and not gotten a great idea for my classroom!

Anyway, recently she posted about factoring and as I posted on #Made4Math, I was stealing her idea to use in my class. :) Yesterday was our monthly "late start" day, where the students come 2 hours late so that the teachers can work together. On those days, one class doesn't meet and yesterday that class was one of my Algebra 2 classes. Since we would be learning factoring today, it fit in perfectly to do Amy's activity during the late start day in my other Algebra classes.

So yesterday, each group got a work mat and a stack of binomials. They had to find the two binomials that multiplied together to equal the trinomial. It was great practice to remind them how to "FOIL" (Yeah, it's an annoying acronym, but don't flame me... it's one of the few things that the kids remember from Algebra 1)

Thank you Amy for being awesome and sharing your creation with us!!! You are definitely a #MyFavorite :)

Favorite Person #2
My next favorite person is one of my parents this year. These parents are amazing and I would totally volunteer to teach their kiddo for the next 2 years. On the first day of school, this mom comes up to me and gives me a goodie bag and says "Welcome Back to School!". I had no idea who she was, but I said thank you and she walked off. Later, I found the gift tag and the last name was the same as one of my students.

This comes last week. I'm in my classroom after school and in walks Mom with a gift bag. I go out in the hall to visit with her and she tells me to open my gift. It was a tshirt that said "This is my math teacher costume" - OH.MY.GOSH - How cool!!! I wore it on Halloween and got so many comments from the students! LOL

So after school on Halloween, I run next door to ask another teacher a question and when I come back, this was on my desk:

There wasn't a name on it, but when I looked out the window, I could see the Dad climbing into his car, so I ran outside to thank him. The box was filled to the brim with homemade Halloween cookies... and some really creepy looking finger cookies. LOL

This week was a crazy week, but thanks to Amy and these parents, the week was SO much more bearable than it could have been! Thank you, Favorite People of the Week! :)

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Amy Gruen said...

Awwww, I am honored. But I had a blog crush on you first! Thanks for being so sweet, and for making me feel like I have something worthwhile to contribute. You are the best!