Tuesday, October 30, 2012

#Made4Math Mon... errr, Tuesday :) Quadratic Functions

I'm a day late... again... Sorry about that! :) This week is the equivalent of hell week for me for some reason - lots of meetings, lots of late nights, and WAY too many things on my "to-be-done" list! But that's okay... I'll keep plugging away at it and hopefully someday I'll be caught up! :)

This week's Made4Math focuses on my Algebra 2 class, so hopefully there is something here you can use!

Project #1 - Partner Problems WS
Remember me saying how swamped I am? (If not, may I direct you to paragraph one...) This year is going well, but with new responsibilites plus a prep I haven't had in 2 years plus a record number of students on my roster and I'm just plumb tuckered out! So yesterday in Algebra 2, we were supposed to start Quadratic Functions (the infamous Chapter 5 in every Alg2 text). However, I just wasn't feeling it, so I gave my kids a "sub day". That means that I got up at the beginning of the hour and said...

"Good morning kiddos! I'm Mrs. __'s Sub. Mrs. __ isn't here today because she just had a ton to do. But, Mrs. __ left a lovely note saying how awesome her classes were, so I know you guys are going to do just great today! Mrs. __ did leave some review work for you, but I hate to tell you that I, Mrs __'s Sub, don't know ANY math, so you'll really have to rely on your table partners and your notebook to help you out. Mrs. __ said in her note that you are used to using your notebook as a resource, so I know this is going to be just an awesome day!"

The kids cracked up. All hour, they would refer to me as "Mrs. __'s Sub" and today they even asked if the Sub had left a good note about them! :)

Anyway, here's a snippet of the worksheet they had to do:

Project #2 - Vertex and Standard Form
Today, we started Quadratic Functions and how to graph them. Tomorrow we are going to talk about Vertex Form of a quadratic and how to switch back and forth from Vertex to Standard Form. In their groups, the students will be asked to match the following:

More Projects underway...
I did create a foldable for Quadratic Functions, but I forgot to take a picture! DOH!
I'll share it soon :)

Also on tonight's plan is to create these awesome factoring mats from Amy's blog.

Happy Halloween!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the idea of coming as your own sub. Hilarious!

Amy Gruen said...

It is a great feeling to create something that someone else finds useful. Thank you for the mention! :)