Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Break!!

As @cheesemonkeysf pointed out this morning, this week is #MyFavFriday the 13th!

My favorite thing about this week has been FALL BREAK!! :)

That means sleeping in... lounging in my pjs... going on a mini roadtrip with the hubs... and in general, not thinking about school!

Let's just say that this break was sorely needed. I am having a good year for the most part, but it's been overwhelming at times. I have (very) full classes and between 5 classes plus advisory, I have 182 students this year to keep track of. If I include my university class, then add another 30 to that. (Secret time.. I *still* don't know all of their names! shh! don't tell!)

I hope you will all forgive the short post, but I am off to curl up with a novel :)

Happy Friday!

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