Monday, October 1, 2012

#Made4Math - A Puzzle and a Game

I am *so* glad that September is over!!! It was the most horrible month filled with all sorts of craziness! So far, October is shaping up to be quite awesome! Yay!

Anyway, on to today's projects

Project #1 - A Puzzle
Several #Made4Math-ers have posted about Tarsia puzzles, but I will admit there is something about making them by hand that I really enjoy! Last week, in Algebra 2, I taught Absolute Value Equations, but I wanted some way for them to practice that was self-checking, so I created an Absolute Value Jigsaw Puzzle.

The kids had a good time cutting and solving the puzzle. I really should use these more often... :)

Project #2 - A Game
I am working on my second project as I type! In AP Stat, we are currently working on graphs, etc, so this weekend, I stumbled upon this link of matching boxplots, histograms, and summary statistics. Of course that meant I had to pull out my pretty paper stash and fire up the ole laminator :) Have I mentioned lately how much I *love* my laminator!?!

Now just to have my student assistant cut them out tomorrow and there's Thursday's lesson plan!

Project #3 - Station Check
Every once in a while, I get a moment of inspiration. Tomorrow, in Algebra 2, we are reviewing for a quiz using a Stations activity. Julie, at ISpeakMath, blogged about this previously and I shamelessly stole the idea to use acrylic picture frames to make the stations look more professional and prop them up on the table for the students. However, I wanted tomorrow's stations to be self checking, so this morning, I got the bright idea to write the answers on index cards. Problem is, that I wanted some way to put the index card on the back of the picture frame. I started wandering around my room thinking of what I could use to mount the index card and I ran across an extra package of the library card pockets from Dollar Tree. A trip through the laminator and now we have...

Now just to cut out the card pockets, tape them to the back of the picture frames and insert the index card. :)

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Nick Gerhard said...

We just did that activity today at our Stat workshop...sorry I couldn't share sooner. It was a great one, and made us think, so it should be good for your students. Enjoy!

Nutter Buttersmith said...

PINNED! I'll probably use the tarsia puzzles soon!

Mr. R. said...

that stats game looks great. how do you play it? do you still have the files for those sheets?