Wednesday, April 30, 2014

#EduRead - Exit Tickets

I'm so excited about tonight's #EduRead article - The Many Uses of Exit Slips. If you don't know what I'm referring to, #EduRead is a weekly twitter chat where we discuss an article at 8pm Central. You can learn more on the #EduRead blog

Anyway, my students today are taking a mock AP exam, so I decided to clean out my Google Drive and organize it a bit. I ran across a g-doc from 2011 with a list of Exit Ticket Prompts! How fitting that I find this today of all days! :) I did some searching online, but I have no idea where I got this list from, so if it belongs to you, please let me know so I can give it proper credit!

Here's the list:

Exit Ticket Prompts

“If I’ve taught this lesson to my students well, what one question should they be able to answer to prove to me they got the big idea?”
- Answer today’s EQ
- What is the most important thing we discussed today
- What was the most confusing idea presented today
- 3-2-1-- tell students: write down 3 things you learned, 2 questions you still have, and 1 connection you'd like to share—or 3 similarities between . . . , 2 predictions about . . . , 1 something else--- the 3-2-1 topics can be anything, and if they are related to the lesson, the next day's work, the unit theme, etc. so much the better
- What are three characteristics or parts of…
- In what other ways might we show or illustrate the point that….
- How is ….. similar to/different from… (Marzano comparisons)
- In what other ways might this problem/situation have been addressed?
- What are the three big ideas/concepts/ morals to be learned from this situation?
- How does ….. relate to.?
- What three related details can you add to this?
- Give three examples of how …. contributed to the situation.
- What is wrong with this statement? (Provide a false statement with at least three details.)
- What might happen if….
- What criteria would you use to judge or evaluate this event?
- What evidence supports…
- How might you confirm/prove the following statement? (Provide a statement.)
- How might this be viewed from the perspective of ….?
- What alternatives should have/could have been considered?
- What did you learn today?
- What do you think about …..?
- What are three things you would share with your younger brother about this topic?
- What are the three steps to completing an effective…..?
- What made learning easy for you today?
- What made learning difficult for you today?
- What do you still need to know before we move forward?
- What do you think our next steps should be?
- One thing I really liked about today’s class was….
- One thing I would like to know more about is….
- One thing that could be improved the next time would be…
- How will your learning change the way you see or do things in your life?
- What I found most useful was….
- I have questions about terms found on pages…..
- I think the chart on page 245 proves that….
- The three most interesting things I learned were….
- I need to ask about these three points…..
- The thing I found most challenging about this assignment was…
- The thing I found most enjoyable about this assignment was
- By citing page… I can now prove this point….
- The three most important ideas about this event were….
- List the three major advantages that …. has over…
- I am still confused about the idea of…
- Write one thing you learned today.
- What area gave you the most difficulty today?
- Something that really helped me in my learning today was ....
- What connection did you make today that made you say, "AHA! I get it!"
- Describe how you solved a problem today.
- Something I still don't understand is ...
- Write a question you'd like to ask or something you'd like to know more about.
- What mathematical terms do you clearly understand or have difficulty understanding?
- Did working with a partner make your work easier or harder. Please explain.
- In what ways do you see today's mathematics connected to your everyday life?


thefeedbackloop said...

Wow, that is a very extensive list! Those questions are mostly of the first type the article mentioned, getting formative assessment data about how much students have learned. I would like to try to always add one one of the other types of questions, for example, maybe the one asking students how much effort they put into today's class. And one about my teaching. Thanks for posting these!

Kathryn said...

Wow, that's quite a complete list! Thanks for sharing it. I'll be sharing it with my teammates!