Thursday, July 10, 2014

July Blogging Challenge - Reflections from APSI

This week, I have been at an AP Summer Institute (APSI)... well, actually I've been there part of the week. I was not in class on Monday because I traded spots with a colleague and started the week on the waiting list. Then one of the participants did not show up, so I was able to attend the other 3 days.

My take-aways from the week will be different from most people simply because I have taught AP Stat for MANY years, have been an AP Reader since 2008, and I've heard the presenter several times in the past. I also was going into the week with different expectations.. namely, I wanted to have the time with my colleagues and I wanted time to think about changes for this next year.

With that said, here's some thoughts from the week:

  • I am going to have a BLAST with StatKey this year. Since our school is going 1:1 with Chromebooks, I plan to integrate this a lot. I really love the 1 sample quantitative graphs where you can easily switch between dotplots, histograms, and boxplots. I also like that you can demonstrate how the different number of bins affects the look of the histogram. I think it will be useful for comparing two samples and I love that the scatterplots are easy to switch the variables, which will be good for demonstrating that the correlation stays the same but the LSRL does not.

  • We spent part of the time looking at the Instructional Planning Reports that were released this week. I am not extremely thrilled with the performance of my students, but I also know that I am not a number. At my school, we have open enrollment in AP Stat.... if you have passed Algebra 2 and you are willing to try, we'll take you. For many kids, we are the first (or only) AP class they have ever taken and I truly believe they are better off for having taken the course. Next year, we have 280 students enrolled and we will welcome them with open arms.

  • I haven't been to an APSI for several years, which means I haven't received copies of the newest textbooks for a while. Wow! I can't believe how much improvement there has been over the years! If someone were to look at the 1st edition of TPS (YMM) versus the 5th edition that I received this week, you would never guess they are in the same series of books! I am so impressed with the books and the resources and I can't wait to add them to my shelves!

  • Again with the Chromebooks, I was happy to see the Rice Lab applets now work with JavaScript. I have done the sampling distribution applet for years, sometimes in the computer lab, sometimes as a class demo, but I've never really connected it to the 2008 MC #39. In general, I've used the applet to establish the CLT, so I'm eager to try some new things with the applet!

  • One of the activities that we did was the Fish Oil Activity. In general, it was an activity for resampling quantitative data to illustrate simulated p-values and what a p-value really means. Since this is a topic that has shown up on the AP exam multiple times in recent years, this is a definite keeper. After doing it by hand a couple of times, we used the Rossman/Chance applets to illustrate this, although StatKey will do it as well. It reminded me of an activity that @approx_normal and I saw a few years ago at T3, which you can find on page 19 of this handout.
I have SO MUCH to do before school starts! Sigh...

July Challenge
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