Saturday, May 3, 2008

No credit card????

Today, a friend and I co-hosted an AP review session at my school. We had a great time with the dozen kids that attended. I think overall the kids had time to review topics they hadn't seen in a while, so I think it was worth the time and energy and loss of Saturday :)

Last week my friend had treated me to lunch so this week was my turn. We went to a hamburger place in town and several of the kids came with us. The waitress put it all on one tab, which was no big deal. I told the kids I would take care of it. I get up to the cash register and they don't take Discover and my Visa card expired a few days ago and I had forgot to put the new one in my purse. OMG - I was mortified. I eat at this place often but the waitress acted like she had *no clue* who I was. My friend had left her purse in my classroom so she didn't have any money either. I ended up leaving my Discover card as collateral and my friend went back with her credit card to cover the lunch. Then I forgot to get my Discover card back from my friend so I had to run by her house tonight to get my card and give her money to pay for lunch. First thing I did when I got home was to put the new Visa in my wallet LOL.

Tonight I knew I needed to run and get items for my goodie bags. I *love* Dollar Tree!!! There is a Dollar Tree in town that is absolutely awesome. I love the educational toys, teacher supplies, and stationary products they have. In the toy section they had several "mini-carnival" games. Since I'm always on the lookout for items that I can play with in class, I am now planning a carnival day for next year. I got a ring toss (proportions), a "skeeball" type game (means), a tic-tac-toe game (??? not sure what to do with it). Do you guys have any ideas of carnival games that we could play with Statistics??

Also at Dollar Tree was a reversible chart - one side is a temperatue graph, the other side is a "goal" thermometer. I picked one up because I like to do mini competitions with my classes. Any ideas out there? I was thinking the percentage of turned in assignments or average on their weekly review quizzes.

I'm outta here - the rebroadcast for Grey's Anatomy is about to come on (It was preempted due to weather this week). Thanks in advance for any ideas!!!