Monday, January 7, 2013

#Made4Math - Happy New Year!

Can you believe we have had SIX months of #Made4Math goodness? To help keep things organized, I've created a new blog for the archive posts, so from now on, all of the amazing things you've shared will be archived over at :) Make sure you update your bookmarks!

So in case you haven't noticed, #Made4Math has been on hiatus for a few weeks. That's because the month of December is crazy busy for everyone and honestly, we all need a break every so often! However, that just means that we've all had time to rest and rejuvenate to be able to share more amazing ideas in 2013!! :)

Project #1 - Quadratics Flashback
To be perfectly honest, this school year has kicked me in the booty! I felt like a hamster in a wheel most days and daily it was a struggle to get everything done. So I've had several projects sitting in the wings, just waiting to be shared! :)

In case you've not noticed, I really, really, REALLY love me some foldables! So back in August, when Nora of Simplifying Radicals posted her discriminant foldable, I knew I was going to steal it someday :) (Sidenote: If you've not read Nora's blog, go there now! It's amazing and chock-ful of math goodness!)

I love foldables for helping my algebra 2 kiddos take (and organize) their notes, but we needed some practice as well, so enter this matching activity...

Get the file HERE if you want it :)

Project #2 - Polynomials Foldable
Right before Winter break, we started Polynomials in Algebra 2. As you probably know, there is a TON of vocabulary that goes with that!! As a result, I knew my little cherubs would have a swell time writing down all that information, so instead I combined it into a foldable :)

I mean, SERIOUSLY! Look at all that information! Whew, that was a LLLLOOONNNGGG day of notes :(

If you would like the foldable, click HERE

Don't Forget!!!!
The rest of this week's posts are now archived at - Head over there to see the rest of the goodies this week! :)