Wednesday, May 27, 2015


The longer I go without blogging, the harder it is to start... :)

Summer is one of the best perks of being a teacher. I sleep in a bit, go for a walk, then tackle my to-do list at my own pace. I use the summer time to really think through activities I want to add to my curriculum, changes I want to make, books to read, etc. For accountability, I've decided to blog my list here rather than write it down in my handy, dandy, little notebook. :)

Books I plan to Read (or Re-Read):
I'm sure there are others, so I'll update this list as I read them :)

Things I want to explore
  • Better integration of the Chromebooks (1:1)
    • Exploring Google Forms for Quick Formative Assessment
    • Learn to use/integrate various online tools such as, Desmos, and StatKey in my classroom
    • Create some Kahoot games to use for review activities
    • Spend some time playing with Chrome apps that might be useful, such as a flashcard app, etc.
  • Work on more Free Response writing - this is a weakness due to my class sizes... grading 100+ of these is a killer!
    • Integrate whiteboarding activities
    • Use mistakes and error analysis
    • Expose students to the rubrics more

To be honest, I was pretty pleased with how things went in my classes this year, but I always have room for improvement. A lot of the things I've scribbled on my list are minor tweaks, but tweaks that I feel can make a huge impact in my classroom.

What's on your #SummerList?