Monday, January 7, 2013

#Made4Math - Happy New Year!

Can you believe we have had SIX months of #Made4Math goodness? To help keep things organized, I've created a new blog for the archive posts, so from now on, all of the amazing things you've shared will be archived over at :) Make sure you update your bookmarks!

So in case you haven't noticed, #Made4Math has been on hiatus for a few weeks. That's because the month of December is crazy busy for everyone and honestly, we all need a break every so often! However, that just means that we've all had time to rest and rejuvenate to be able to share more amazing ideas in 2013!! :)

Project #1 - Quadratics Flashback
To be perfectly honest, this school year has kicked me in the booty! I felt like a hamster in a wheel most days and daily it was a struggle to get everything done. So I've had several projects sitting in the wings, just waiting to be shared! :)

In case you've not noticed, I really, really, REALLY love me some foldables! So back in August, when Nora of Simplifying Radicals posted her discriminant foldable, I knew I was going to steal it someday :) (Sidenote: If you've not read Nora's blog, go there now! It's amazing and chock-ful of math goodness!)

I love foldables for helping my algebra 2 kiddos take (and organize) their notes, but we needed some practice as well, so enter this matching activity...

Get the file HERE if you want it :)

Project #2 - Polynomials Foldable
Right before Winter break, we started Polynomials in Algebra 2. As you probably know, there is a TON of vocabulary that goes with that!! As a result, I knew my little cherubs would have a swell time writing down all that information, so instead I combined it into a foldable :)

I mean, SERIOUSLY! Look at all that information! Whew, that was a LLLLOOONNNGGG day of notes :(

If you would like the foldable, click HERE

Don't Forget!!!!
The rest of this week's posts are now archived at - Head over there to see the rest of the goodies this week! :)


Amy zimmer said...


Sorry I am lame, left 2 posts for Made4math, the second one is the correct one with the longer title that includes Sci. Notation. Can't find your email on your site, so again, sorry for group comment.

Thanks for all you do and share! amy

Meg said...

I has a seems the links to the files are not working. And they like such cool activities! Is it just me?

Miss Rudolph said...

Not just you Meg, I can't get the beautiful foldable to open :(

druin said...

The server that hosted all of my files went belly up this summer. As a result, I have to comb through every post and reupload every file and relink it. It takes time that I just haven't had yet. :( Sorry about the delay!

Unknown said...

I got the link to your All About Polynomials foldable from Math=Love Blog. I can download the foldable, but I cannot see the picture of it filled out. Is there anyway you can email me the picture or another way to view it? Thanks!