Sunday, August 10, 2008

Study Skills....

OMG - School starts *TOMORROW*....

I am sooo not ready! But ready or not, the kiddos will be here on Thursday... EEEKKK!

So, in my last minute style, I am working on the study skills information I want to give to my classes (Stat particulary).

As I've mentioned before, I don't think that many of my students have been taught how to take notes, etc, so I want to think it out here if you don't mind!

AP Statistics
First day of school!!!
Passing period - I am at the door welcoming them and handing out a student information form for them to fill out. A first-day seating chart is on the board with textbooks and syllabus on their desks. Bell rings. Students continue filling out info sheet. Then we get into "What is Statistics" to give them a taste of what data is all about. Their homework assignment is to read Chapters 1 and 2 (10 pages) and take notes on it for discussion tomorrow. If time allows (12-15 minutes), do AP question 2000-#1 (or give as homework???)

Students come in. A notecard is on each desk with a warmup question on the board (Why did you take this class maybe? or something about their mathematical history?). I'll go around the room to look at their notes from the assigned reading and take up the 2000-#1 if I give it as homework. We will then briefly discuss how to take notes from a textbook (see handout). After that, we are ready to jump into the lecture for Chapter 2, so start with a handout about notetaking, then they take notes while I lecture. Also discuss notes posted online.

Not sure yet where it fits in....
- Discussing policies from syllabus
- Assigning study groups - want this in place while discussing notes - want to use the "compare notes w/ your buddy" as a study strategy and working through examples in class.

*sigh* Can I go back to May and have a re-do???


Shireen Dadmehr said...

Good Luck! I'm soon to follow (see kids on Monday, 8/25). Hope you have a relatively stress-free start to the year.

Ms. Cookie

Sarah Cannon said...

Three days of inservice first? Good luck! I go back to work in the morning, but have two weeks to fret before students appear.

Thoughts on what you have here. For whatever they're worth...

I like giving students the opportunity to take notes before giving the lesson on notes.

Ideally, I'd try to have more of a conversation with the students how they took their notes. (Go ahead and form the groups you want now. A think-pair-share perhaps?) What did they choose to focus on? How could they tell what was important? What shape did their notes take?

After generating ideas, then contribute your own. Say that the Cornell method is one that has worked in your class or something. Introduce it. Offer handouts. I'm not sure whether I'd require that method or not--maybe a certain number of attempts in the next week.


Separately (and not for you to deal with during the next few weeks): Has the upload button at ilovemath moved? I'm not seeing it anymore.

Sarah Cannon said...

Thanks for your well wishes. I'm glad for the long inservice because it motivates me to get to real work sooner, but a little jealous that you have kids sooner.

Re: button. I was looking for it on the lesson plan page/downloads home. It's not showing up on my Mac. (Yes, I've logged in.) I'll try it on my school laptop once that's issued to me and keep you updated. Thanks for all you're work on that site!

Call me MISS said...

Good idea for the first few days of school. I like the idea of motivating quotes being displayed via youtube.

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Found your blog via The Science Goddess.

Statistics was probably among the three most valuable courses I took in college. Just as Latin II forced me to learn English grammar, three terms of statistics enforced quantitative and qualitative critical thinking.

I think it's super-cool that high school students get the opportunity. After all, they may never major in soc or psych in college! :)