Thursday, January 20, 2011

Function Dice

Today was a snow day (yay!), but we were supposed to teach function operations in Algebra 2. I had given a quiz yesterday and while they were quizzing, I had a brainstorm - function dice!!!

So today during my snow day, I found some foam dice in my closet (thanks @Fouss!) and using tiny post-its from Walgreen's Back to School sale, I made an f(x) and a g(x) dice set :)

By rolling the two dice, we have a large set of practice problems and example problems for tomorrow's lesson :)

Now I need to figure out an tetrahedral die for the four functions :)

(Although I wouldn't be opposed to another snow day either!)


KFouss said...

Love it! And you're welcome, because I'm going to totally steal this idea when we get to it. :)

As for the function die, have you done the compositions yet? If so, you could include f(g(x)) and g(f(x)) and just use another 6-sided. I can't remember when that comes in the book.


druin said...

@Fouss - compositions are in the same section - we'll do that on Monday, can do another 6 sided that has f(g(x)), g(f(x)), and the other four as evaluating ie f(g(-2)), etc

I like it!! :)

cheesemonkeysf said...

These are awesome! I made War Cards a la Kate Nowak to achieve something similar in teaching transformations of basic monomial functions (horiz/vertical shifts, reflections, stretching/compressing).

Thanks for sharing this idea!

Elizabeth (aka @cheesemonkeysf on Twitter)

PS -- How come you guys all seem to have foam dice in your closets...?

KFouss said...

Got it. Guess you're up for a tetrahedron, then!

Elizabeth, you don't have a set? And you call yourself a math teacher? :)

Tim Erickson said...

Très cool. Reminds me: Two years ago I was teaching precalc and a kid came up with a version of "Taboo." So you might be trying to get your team to say "parabola" but you can't say graph, squared, curve, axis, or shape.

Anyway, she made a whole set of these; they were really fun.