Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Classroom (2012-13 Edition)

I am mostly proud of myself. While I really don't have any lesson plans done (that's why I'm not fully proud of myself), my room is pretty much ready for students to arrive. In fact, thanks to #Made4Math, this is the EARLIEST my room has *ever* been completed! Usually I'm still at school at 7pm on Wednesday night waiting on students to arrive on Thursday morning. Go me!

Anyway, it's time for a tour... :) There's still a few things to be done, but it's close enough! I feel like I should be playing "I spy" with the #Made4Math and Pinterest inspired projects!

This is the view from just inside the door, showing the length of the back wall. Notice that the Stat board is still blank, but I got an idea for it at 4pm today, so my trusty laminator and I will be good friends tonight!

Here's the view from the doorway to the opposite wall. I love the storage and the countertop. The windows are on the west side of our building, so in the afternoon/evening, that sunlight can get quite harsh, but I love the natural light! You'll notice a few of the student desks still have things on them. Sorry about that! That stuff should be going away tomorrow :)

This is my student area. Anything a kiddo needs is in this area. Class sets of textbooks, INB supply boxes, Kleenex, hand lotion, turn in boxes, pencil sharpener, mini whiteboards, etc all reside here.

Here is my desk area. My desk is still a bit messy :) Ignore that part!

The other side of my desk - again, ignore the mess! You can see the random stuff that still needs to find a place to call home. :) Notice the cool purple thingy hanging up on the whiteboard - I got that from Big Lots for $8! This is where I'm going to store my seating charts, the Advisory sign out sheets, and my INBs. You can also see our HUGE podiums! Holy moly those suckers are so huge, they come with 2 coffee cup holders!

The view of the front/east side of my room. I was standing in front of the countertop when I took this pic. You can see my Promethean, all the whiteboards, and the storage cabinets. Two things I adore about my room - white board space and plenty of storage!!! You can also see textbooks ready to check out and the laptop cart.

Last one! I'm standing in the same spot as the pic above, but this is the back wall and the doorway. Again, ignore the table of stuff :)

So there ya have it... Thanks for joining us on this tour! I hope you enjoyed your stay :)


Unknown said...

I am in love with how your classroom came together! You rocked it!


Unknown said...

I'm massively jealous of your "student area" it puts mine to shame with all of those cubbies and shelves and containers.. ugh.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your room seems huge - how lucky your students are!!!

Simplifying Radicals said...

I too am jealous of your student area. This is my "duh" moment. I have their stuff scattered all over the room, why not put it all in one place? Duh!

Kate said...

Your room looks so great!
☼ Kate
To The Square Inch

druin said...

Thank you to all of you!