Monday, September 24, 2012

Made4Math - Dollar Tree Find

I'm cheap. Actually, I take that back... I'm frugal :) And as a frugal person, one of my favorite stores is Dollar Tree! As I wander the aisles of Dollar Tree, I am constantly thinking of "How could I use this in my classroom?"

So this weekend, hubs and I were out shopping and I find a plastic basket on the floor of my local Dollar Tree and I immediately think... "HEY!!! I NEED THAT!!!" :)

Let's backtrack a bit...

This year I have been using Interactive Notebooks in my classes. I *big puffy heart love* them! My students love them. The parents love them. What I don't love though, is the paper. LOTS of paper. And students that don't know how to use glue/tape appropriately to adhere said paper.

Cue the music for the entrance of the "spare handouts" basket.

I am tired of kids asking me "Miss, do you have an extra _____?"

My answer (starting tomorrow)... "No clue! Go check the Extra Handouts Basket!"

Big Puffy Hearts to Dollar Tree!!! :) :)


Anonymous said...

just purchased 5 wire baskets for 50 cents each on I know what I'm doing with one of them! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Lol! Yeah, I'm always hunting for useful things at Dollar Tree. I don't like to be called cheap either!

Unknown said...

I bought 5 of these exact baskets in teal at the start of the year and I use them on my front table as the class turn-in trays. I have labels attached the front and everything goes here to turn in! Makes life so much easier! :)