Friday, October 12, 2012

My Favorite Win7 Gem :)

When I got a "new to me" laptop last year, it came with Windows 7. I have to admit, that there are parts of Win7 that really drive me bonkers. But, there's one feature that I really love..

The Snipping Tool!

If you don't know what the Snipping Tool is, you are MISSING OUT! :)

For example, for my AP Statistics class, I like to use actual AP problems whenever possible. However, the pdf version of the released exams are locked down, meaning you can't use the Adobe Snapshot tool to grab a graph for classroom use.

In the past, I had two options...

A) Literally cutting and pasting the graph from a printed copy of the released exam to use on classroom assessments...


B) Taking a screenshot, pasting it into Paint, then using the select tool to cut out the graph...

BUT... No more!

With the snipping tool, you can cut out of ANY document, webpage, file, image, etc. It's soooo awesome :)

I <3 Snipping Tool! :)


Anonymous said...

I echo this "fave"! I used it extensively this week ... clipping out graphs that I did not want to draw by hand! I'll share the game I created later this weekend; without the snipping tool it would have been difficult to create!

Kathryn Laster said...

Thank you so much for the great tip! I had no idea about this tool, so I have been playing for the last 10 minutes. Very cool! Thanks for always teaching. :)

Meg said...

Yes, I love it too! And for those of us still stuck in XP land, try the awesome freeware mwsnap