Monday, November 5, 2012

Made4Math - More Quadratic Fun :)

This week I have some more quadratic goodies to share with you...

Project #1 - Quadratic Function Foldable
Last week, we started the dreaded Chapter 5 - Quadratics. This is the point where students really start thinking "HOLY MOLY! I have to *study*?!?!". Of course a huge part of Quadratics is the terminology. So, here is the foldable I did last week to help with the lecture notes...

In case you want it... HERE is the file :)

Project #2 - Quiz Review!
I love, *love*, LOVE Julie for showing us the photo frames for stations! My students love how professional they look and no more "Hey! I can't see!" :) Today we reviewed for a quiz tomorrow... I got a ton of work done while the students worked away!

I really should use this more often... I am so productive on the days I use these!

Project #3 - Solving Quadratics
On Wednesday, we will start solving quadratics. Wednesday and Thursday are block days for us, and 100 minutes can be way too long if you don't break it up! So I'll start out lecturing on how to solve quadratics using graphing, factoring, and the square root methods, then turn them loose on this activity. Each group will get a set of cards and turn them all over to the answer side. They will pick one quadratic to flip over and as a group, solve that quadratic. They find the answer in the answer pile and flip that card over to get the next problem to solve.

Whew!! It's been a busy week!

Have a Happy Monday!


Beth said...

oI love your idea for stations, do you have the file of the activity you did with quadratics? Thanks for sharing your ideas!

osu91671 said...

What size are the picture frames for your math stations? And where did you find them? I've been looking for 8x10 plastic frames, but I haven't been able to find any.

druin said...

I used 8x10 picture frames. I've found them at Dollar Tree and at Walmart. Hope that helps!

Mrs. Patragas' Class said...

Could you possibly email me the template for your foldable and station. My computer will not allow me to download the foldable for some reason!

Thank you so much!!!

Rebecca said...

#1 is fantastic! My classes are going to have comp. books for class next year, and the quadratics foldables will be in there. Thanks for the idea!

How exactly did you use #2?