Saturday, July 14, 2018

Teacher Planner - 2018-19

For the past several years, I have shared my teacher planner and to be honest, this year, I was really struggling with how (or even if) I wanted to make my binder.

Here's a look at the weekly layout from the past few years:

While I liked having a combination of lesson plans and personal planner, I did not like the two page layout and having it open on my desk all the time in order to see the various parts of the day.  I knew I wanted a paper planner because that's just better for me in general, but I had almost talked myself out of having a personalized one and just finding a pre-made one that would work for me.

Last year, I found myself wanting a weekly at-a-glance form as my "messy" copy and my official plan book above as my "neat" copy, so I created a quick one that you can see below:

I liked the clean lines of this form and if it weren't for the landscape orientation and the lack of area to write the other stuff that goes with teaching (meetings, etc), I probably would have figured out a way to use this as my lesson planner.

Part of the reason I like having a personalized planner is that I like having my gradebook and planner in one notebook.  Because I use the ARC system, I can easily add / subtract pages and customize it to fit my needs.

After a morning of trying to figure out what I wanted, here's the new weekly layout page for 18-19:

What I (think I will) like about this layout is that it gives me space for before / after school commitments, plus I can choose to have it open to one-page or two-pages and still be able to view the full day.

As always, I've created a generic one in PPT if you would like to download it. - Download Planner

You will need the Shadows Into Light font - Download font here

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