Friday, August 9, 2019

#MTBoSBlaugust - Meetings Binder

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Summer is rapidly coming to a close.  This week, our new teachers have been in meettings, schedules have been picked up, and yesterday morning, I was on a panel discussion for our new teachers regarding classroom culture and back to school.  As a result, I ended up working in my classroom for the rest of the day, trying to clean and organize for back to school.

When I was cleaning, I found a stack of small notebooks that I have collected over the years that I had grabbed on my way to a meeting to take notes.  I decided I needed something a bit more organized. :)

I opened up my trusty PPT and found my current favorite font (Sunberry - download it here) and started to work on creating a template for all the various meetings I attend over the year.

Since I had a tendency to grab small notebooks for meetings, I thought I might give half sheets a try.  Then I started thinking about binding and vaugely recalled that last year I had purchased a couple of "junior sized" Arc notebook covers from Staples on clearance for $1 each.  If you've never used Arc (or a disc-bound system), they are amazing!  You have the flexibility of a 3-ring binder for adding and removing pages, but the usability of a spiral notebook for turning the notebook back on itself.  I highly recommend it! :)

By the time it was all said and done, I had 7 types of meetings that I reguarly attend :)  On my morning walk, I figured out how to make somd dividers and it was time to turn this mess into a notebook..

You can see my sample divider on the upper left.  After I verified it would work, I printed them onto blue cardstock instead :)  I thought about laminating them, but for now, cardstock will do.  Some cutting and hole-punching took place and then I was ready to "bind" it with the discs.  However, the only Arc discs I had at home were 1" and they are honestly too big, so when I get to the store later, I'll pick up some 1/2" discs.  :)

At the right, you can see the mostly completed notebook.  It's hole-punched and ready for those 1/2" discs. :)  On the picture, I moved the cover to the left so you could see the tabbed dividers, but when it's all done, you won't be able to see those :)

Here are the files if you want them:

Meeting Notes - will need the Sunberry font
(Print 2 sided / flip on short edge)

Tabbed Dividers - will need the KG Second Chances font

Hope this helps someone else! :)

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