Monday, August 5, 2019

#Made4Math - New Year, New Door

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It's Monday... again????

Serious, where is August going?  Slow down already! :)

Back to school is creeping closer.  This week is schedule pick-up, the teachers officially report next week, and I feel so behind in getting things ready!  But either way, kids will be coming soon and I still have tons to do! :)

Made4Math #1 - New Door!!!
Each year, I try to put up a new door to welcome my students.  Last year, it was the "Be" words.  This year's door was inspired by a poster I saw on Pinterest with the acronym of MATH. 

I knew I wanted something that illustrated my philosophy of quality instruction and emphasized some of the lessons we will learn during the learn of making mistakes and asking questions. 

On Twitter, one poster asked me about the Have Fun part, and that person is correct in that fun is very subjective.  However, I fully believe that I can make it a goal to have fun every day, even if I don't always achieve that goal. :)

To make the door, I just printed on different colors, laminated, and cut.  I did forget to trim the right hand side of "NEW"... oops! :)  I'm not crazy happy with the spacing yet, but that's just a matter of time. :)

If you want the files, click here!!

Made4Math #2 - Index Card Tabs
A discussion on Twitter this past week was about reassessments and I shared the top photo of my Reassessment Box.  Then, I realized I had never shared the index card tabs! :) 

When I made reassessments, I format them to fit on a 3x5 notecard and organize them into a little file box.  But index card guides are really expensive on Amazon, so I figured I could make them myself much cheaper.  Using my trusty tables on Word, I made 1/4 size tabbed cards, laminated them, and cut them apart.  I use a fine point sharpie to write the objective on them.

If you would like the file, click here!!

Here's to a productive week full of projects! :)  Have a great Monday!

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