Sunday, August 18, 2019

#MTBoSBlaugust - My Classroom 2019-20

This month, I am participating in a blogging challenge called #MTBoSBlaugust.  To read posts from other participants, click on the logo above.

School starts this week and I *think* my classroom is mostly ready! :)  I still have some work to do on lesson plans, but that's what tomorrow is for, right??? :)

Here's a sneak peek at my classroom:

The Doorway area...

Moving clockwise from the door...
  • You can see the Puzzle Place again :)
  • On the cabinet doors / wall, I absolutely love, love, love the Women in STEM posters I printed from online.
  • On the podium, you'll see the "How to be a Math Person" poster from Scaffolded Math and a Ladybug welcome sign from my mom. :)  (I'm not sure the Ladybug will stay there though... we'll see!)
  • And of course stacks and stacks of textbooks!

Continuing clockwise...
  • You can see the right edge of the Promethean board, but what I didn't get a photo of was the Levels of Questions posters underneath. :(
  • My desk area... it's the messiest part of my room, but I promise it's organized chaos!  I've sectioned off part of the whiteboard to use as a bulletin board.
  • It's hard to see, but I use the window sills as additional shelving.  On the window sill at the right, there are various books, including Patterns of the Universe and a curve-ahedra from @gelada :)

The back corner...
  • You can see the books on the windowsill a bit better here. :)
  • In the corner, you can see the student supply area, although those table buckets and group whiteboards are typically on the student tables.
  • On the shelves below, you can see the file crates where I pass back papers and some various storage areas.  
  • On the bulletin board, you can see the Mental Math Challenge, which is one of my favorite boards ever!  Using 4 numbers, they try to find all of the values from 1 to 24. :)

The view from my desk of the back wall...

Most of what you see here has already been discussed, other than the big set of double doors.

On those doors is the peel and stick whiteboard roll that I got several years ago from Hobby Lobby.  I did not peel / stick it though - I left the back on it and used sticky tack to put them up.  The left panel on each door is for the weekly agenda.  The right panel on each door is for annoucements.

Through those doors is my partner teacher for Forensic Science.  We team-teach that class and have 47 students enrolled this year.  During class, those doors are usually open and kids are moving back and forth betwee the two classrooms.  

Thanks for visiting my classroom!  Hope you have a fabulous day and a great start to the new year! :)

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