Wednesday, August 14, 2019

#MTBoSBlaugust - Rocketbook Hack

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I LOVE a-ha moments!!! :)

This post might not make a ton of sense, but I wanted to share it with everyone since it's back to school time and this might be a hack that helps you out!

If you've not heard of Rocketbooks, it's a text to digital notebook where you can write on the notebook, color in a little circle at the bottom to choose a destination, snap a photo with the RB App and your notebook page gets sent to the folder automatically!

Hubby had actually purchased a RB notebook several years ago from the Kickstarter campaign, but I hadn't used it and honestly didn't see a ton of use for it until I read Julie's blog post about Rocketbook hacks.

Then my mind was racing! :)

This year, I had already planned to upload solutions to the daily practice problems but to be honest, taking photos (or scans), uploading them, etc was really more work than I wanted to deal with.

So here's my hack... :)

I took a printable Rocketbook page, cut out the inside part and laminated the frame.  I put it on top of a green piece of paper so you could see the frame since my table is white :)

Since it's laminated, I can use a whiteboard marker to color in the correct circle based on which course I'm working with.  That circle tells the app which Google Folder to save the scan to, then automatically uploads whatever is inside the black frame to that folder.  I just have to color the circle and scan using the app - it's that simple!

Now why in the word would I go to all this trouble??

Here's why...

And this is the BRILLANT part!!!

I just put my little laminated frame right ON TOP OF my INB and it will scan it!

OMG - is that not the coolest thing ever?????


Now I'm on a hunt to find out all of the RB hacks I can figure out!  What ideas do you have for this hack? :)

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