Saturday, August 24, 2019

#MTBoSBlaugust - Back to School!

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Whew!!!  What a week!  Kids came on Tuesday and I feel like I've been running ever since.  I am hopeful that this weekend allows me to get ahead and be proactive versus the being reactive like I was all this week!

Anyway, I know it's not Friday anymore, but I just couldn't keep my eyes open last night to blog, so we'll pretend it's Friday, k? :)

Student Information Google Form:
I tried something new this year and *I LOVE IT* :)  Before school started, I was on a panel during New Teacher Trainig to talk about classroom culture and building relationships.  One of my colleagues mentioned a blog he had read this summer talking about "A Million Words or Less".  I stole his idea, asked about it a bit on twitter, read a bit more about it, and here's what I did.

Last Friday, before kids arrived, I emailed all of the parents to introduce myself, share about school supplies, and to invite them to tell me about their kiddo via a Google Form.  The form had 6 questions - name, student's name, course, best time to contact the parent, and then two questions about their student - personal and academic.  The responses have been so insightful and I have really appreciated having that extra information as I get to know the students.  I will never start school without this again!  It was a way to establish some positive parent contact plus collect valuable information.

Quotes from Kids:
Throughout this week, I have been *so* impressed by my students!  In Geometry, we watched several of Jo Bolaer's mindset videos and the kids had some amazing insights.  In Advisory, we watched a couple of videos on grit and determination and the reflections were just powerful.

The picture at the left is from one of my Advisory kiddos..

From another Advisory kiddo with regard to playing the guitar:
"No, I was not born with it; I put in the work to get good. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's a struggle. I don't let it stop me. I keep going. That is what made me good."

From a Geometry student: "Math is like... cooking for the first time by yourself, you mess up but you'll learn"

From another Geometry student regarding the Jo Boaler Week 1, Video 5:
"In order to succeed you need to learn and in order to learn you have to make mistakes."

Favorite Lessons:
In Stat, my "go-to" first day lesson is Kristen Gilbert. I have used her since I first read about it years ago in the book, Numbers behind Numb3rs. It's the story of a nurse who was suspected of killing her patients and it has a fabulous statistical side to it! Highly recommend reading about her if you've never heard of Kristen. :)

In Geometry, I love love love 31-derful as a way to talk about Group Norms and that it's okay to make mistakes and try new ideas. This year, I also found the 16 Quadrilaterals task, which was another great task for persevereance. It will come in handy when we look at area and perimeter in the first chapter too! :)

In Forensics, we did a great timeline activity, but I forgot to get a picture of it! :(

So, there's week one in a nutshell. I need a nap... :)

Hope you had a great week!

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Kerri L said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing your ideas!! Can you share more about what you do in your Stat lesson?