Saturday, June 30, 2012

Introducing Made 4 Math Mondays :)

Remember that Pinterest obsession I told you about? Well, this has led me to read LOTS and LOTS of elementary teacher blogs! I am simply fascinated by the creativity and organization those teachers have! I've learned more about bulletin boards, anchor charts, brain breaks, centers, and stations than I ever knew was possible! Then, I stumbled upon this blog: 4th Grade Frolics and her Monday Made It blog party... wow - can you say MIND BLOWN! So I shared it on Twitter and @pamjwilson said "Let's do it!!!"

How does it work???
It's pretty simple... every Monday I'll post (and hope you will too!) a classroom creation. This could be a lesson idea, a "for the classroom" decor/organization tool, or really anything you want to make that is for your classroom! Don't forget to take pictures and then create a blog post. After you've created your blog post, tweet the link with the hashtag #Made4Math or link your blog post in the comments here. If your creation is inspired by something you saw online (ahem, Pinterest in my case), then don't forget to give a shout-out to the original author as well :)

When does it start???
Ummm, Monday of course!!! I've already picked out a couple of items I want to make that are Pinterest inspired, I just needed the motivation to "Git'r'done". If Monday's not good for you, then try later in the week and tweet #Made4Math and link it here too.

What's the point???
Well.... see.... I have this little problem called "procrastination". That means that I find ideas and think "OMG - I totally want to do that!!!" but then I never do.... the idea behind this is to give me some accountability to actually follow through with some of the ideas I have. So, see, it's really all about me :)

Well... What are you waiting for???
Let's get started!!! Get ye to the nearest Hobby Lobby or Office Depot or in my case, my office closet where so many crafts get stored, and start creating!!! I can't wait to see what you dream up!!!! :)

@pamjwilson did a MUCH better job explaining it... read her post HERE

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Fawn Nguyen said...

Great. Just what I need. One more great idea to add to my already impossibly long list of to-do's. :)) I'm so AFRAID to start checking out Pinterest! Thanks for the inspiration. But y'all create now. I'll wait to steal. :)