Monday, July 2, 2012

Made 4 Math Monday #1

(Aww - major props to hubby for making us a logo! Feel free to steal it and add it to your blog too!)

After @pamjwilson said "Let's do it!", I got so excited and started sifting through my pinterest boards. Since I didn't exactly give myself much time to plan or prepare, I thought I had better start small :) That meant at 9pm on Saturday night, I was heading to Target to shop!! Check out my haul...

Not everything there is for the #Made4Math Monday though... the black and white notecards are just because they looked classy and who can pass up $1 notecards? Same with the small dry erase boards - I'm sure I'll figure out something to do with them!

Project #1
The first project was inspired by the Math is Elementary blog, where she covered a Pringles can using colored duct tape and used it for ruler storage. Most of the other Pringles can upcycles I had seen dealt with scrapbook paper and Modge Podge, so her duct tape idea was genius!!! I also have an issue with my rulers and no good place to store them, so this was great for me too! I picked up the "Retro Tiles" Scotch brand duct tape for $3.99 at Target and a can of Pringles. Eat the Pringles, wipe out the inside of the can, wrap it in duct tape and the finished product is....

Project #2
My next project has a story behind it. My favorite color is purple and some of my favorite pens of all time are the Pentel RSVP fine point purple (violet) pens.

Problem is that all of the stores around here stopped selling these pens a few years ago, so my supply slowly dwindled. A few weeks ago, hubby and I are on a roadtrip to go shopping in a town a couple hours away and we stop in at Dollar Tree. Low and behold if they don't have tons of my coveted purple pens!!! I am proud to say that I restrained myself from buying them out, but I did buy 15 packs of them :)

Enter in this week's Pinterest browsing when I saw a pin linking to the One Good Thing by Jillee blog about inexpensive teacher gifts. They took clear barreled pens like my beautiful RSVP pens, rolled scrapbook paper and stuffed it into the barrel to make customized pens! Of course I had to try it! A pack of 99 cent scrapbook paper from Target and my favorite pens yieled this creation:

I made the green one first and to be honest, I wasn't impressed. But I decided to try again with the striped paper and LOVE it! Moral of the story: bolder patterns work way better for this project :)

Project #3
My last project has been on my wish list for months now. In fact, I had hoped to make these last Christmas for my teacher friends, but it never worked out. #Made4Math Monday to the rescue! I now HAVE to make them in order to share them with you! :) This project is inspired by the Craft Addict blog about custom binder clips. Again, the original idea used Modge Podge to adhere the labels, but for me, I used my trusty label maker. I'm sure I could have found cheaper binder clips, but I found a set of 18 binder clips (purple of course!) for $5 at Target. Using my label maker on the 2-line setting, here's the end result:

The binder clip package had 3 designs included with 6 of each design. Since I don't know when my planning period is next year, I decided to use all 6 of one design and label it with each hour. The 7th clip is for the "Copy Shop".

Your turn!!!
Okay... I showed you mine, now it's time to show me YOUR amazing creations! What did you make for your classroom today? Post a link in the comments and/or tweet with the hashtag #Made4Math... I can't wait to be inspired by your creativity!

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME! The pens are my favorite in Round #1! Although the clips/pringle can are definitely on the to-do list and will be used in Room 148!

Way to go @druinok!

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