Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yay!!! It's like Christmas in July!

In case you haven't noticed, I've been in a classroom crafting mode lately. :) During one of my browsing trips through the elementary teacher blog-o-sphere, I found this link over at the Clutter Free Classroom about your Teacher Bag. You know, that bag where you throw all the papers to be graded, all the lessons to be planned, all the best grading pens you own, and anything else that finds its way into the dark crevices.

Like every other teacher on the planet, I have a huge stash of bags. Every workshop, every conference, everyone gives away bags and as teachers have for years and years, I hoard them. Why? I have no idea. Every year, I go through and donate a boxful for Goodwill, only to have the pile grow yet again the following year. For years, I have jumped from bag to bag, never quite finding one that fit my needs. I've tried backpacks and briefcases, beach totes and file totes, and none of them quite fit what I wanted. This past year I used a Vera Bradley Messanger bag and I liked it pretty well, it had several pockets, but sometimes the inside of the bag wasn't as big as I needed it to be.

Enter in the Clutter Free Classroom blog above - as I followed their "linky party", it appeared that most teachers LOVED their Thirty One organizing utility tote. Keep in mind that I had NEVER heard of Thirty One until last week. However, it was getting rave reviews from teachers, so I once again got sucked in by the promise of the ideal bag. That put me on a quest for a Thirty One consultant and ultimately buying one of these totes. I eagerly waited and today it came!!! Without further ado, I proudly present my brand new teacher bag:

Now to fill it up and try it out! What do you use for your teacher bag? What all do you put into it?

Stay tuned for updates!


Sarah said...

This is my FAVORITE bag. I have 3 so far and use them for the kids sports. Never thought to use it for my school bag. Looks like I'll have to order a 4th.

Unknown said...

Such a great idea!!! I was thinking about how I am going to organize myself next year since I know I wont have my own room (lucked out this year because I replaced someone) and this is PERFECT!!! I love that it is big enough to fit a small file hanger in it. I have a thirty one gifts bag like this downstairs, never used, but it is the large one with the metal around the top, not very easy to carry since its doesnt fold in nor has a zipper. Guess I know what I will be ordering for next year!! =D