Friday, July 27, 2012

My Favorite Friday #1

I have to admit, this weekly post will probably be more difficult for me than #Made4Math Mondays.... at least until school starts! It's 7pm and I am just now getting around to posting 'My Favorite' because I had NO idea what to post! Then I looked around my office and it hit me.... I do have a favorite to share!!

For the past several years, I have used a laptop as my main computer - mainly because I get hubby's hand-me-down gaming laptops :) But I hate hate hate using the touchpad, so I've always used a mouse instead. This wasn't too big of a deal until this past school year. At school, I've always had a desktop and a presentation clicker, but this year, they purchased laptops for the teacher computers in my building, but they did not provide a mouse. Since I really hate touchpads, I knew I needed a mouse! Enter in my favorite item...

It is a wireless USB mouse. I LOVE my wireless mouse! I use it at my desk as a regular mouse and I can walk all around my room and use it as a presentation clicker. I even take it with me to teach at the uni so I can use it as a presentation clicker there too!

This past week, at #TMC12, I learned that there are free apps, such as Touchpad, for the iPhone and Android phones that does the same thing, but we aren't supposed to have our phones out during the day :)

So there ya have it... My First Favorite Friday :)

Your turn!!! What is YOUR Favorite Friday??

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