Monday, June 16, 2014

#Made4Math - Knowledge Rating Chart

Sorry that my Made4Math project is a bit late tonight, but I've been at the AP reading since last Tuesday and days of the week really mean nothing here! :) To give an example, I had at least 3 people lined up to send me a reminder to call my dad yesterday for Father's Day because all I knew of yesterday was that it was "Day 5". To make matters a bit tougher, the internet at the hotel is severely lacking plus the only computer I brought with me is a Chromebook, which I'm just learning to use! So tonight after the reading, I came home to work on my project and had to figure out how to use Google Docs and take a screenshot on the Chromebook in order to share this with you! :)

One of the books that I picked up a few years ago at Half Price Books (LOVE that place!) was the book Algebra Out Loud by Pat Mower. Since one of my goals this year is literacy, I brought the book with me on the trip and have been reading through it trying to figure out ideas to use in Statistics. One of the activities is a Knowledge Rating Chart, so I did some research and found some great examples on Math Equals Love. If you don't follow Sarah's blog, please go do so now! I'm lucky enough that I live near her, so we've met up several times and that girl is amazing! I wish I had been half as good as she is after only 2 years of teaching!!

Anyway, after reading Sarah's blog and talking with her on twitter, I came up with this Knowledge Rating Chart for AP Stat:

The idea is that students will put an X in each box if they feel confident in their ability to do that task. I am thinking it might be a good "temperature check" during the sampling chapter to make sure students are on target with their knowledge.

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Unknown said...

Another great idea! I saw a post (awhile back) on your learning target chart. Are you planning on using both? Also, any chance you could send me the learning target chart? I think it was just a picture in early post. Thanks