Sunday, May 1, 2016

#MTBoS30 - Happy May Day!

You might have noticed my absence... or maybe not. :)  It's been a good but very busy year.  However, with 3 weeks left of school, I decided to take @sophgermain up on her 30 day blogging challenge.  I can't (and won't) promise that any of these posts will be quality material, but I will try to post daily throughout May.

Spring is in the Air!!
Spring has always been my favorite season.  I love the longer days, the warmer weather, the sound of birds and wind-chimes in the air.  This year, spring is definitely my favorite because we had a door put in from our bedroom to the backyard patio, which has quickly become a favorite spot of mine!

Here's my view as I blog right now... It is so relaxing!  Today we decided to add some color, so we went out and purchased 4 hanging baskets to "plant" in our planters.  I know you can't see them, but they add a much needed splash of color.  I plan to spend most of the summer out here with a book and/or my laptop working on lesson plans!


Anonymous said...

yeah! high five!

Anne said...

Can I haz that pool please?!?!

Algebra's Friend said...

Beautiful view! Looking forward to more posts :)