Tuesday, May 3, 2016

#MTBoS30 - One Good Thing

Several members of the #MTBoS blog over at the One Good Thing blog.  If you have a spare hour or two, go read some of the posts over there.. they really can warm your heart!

Today, while trying to figure out if I could really do this #MTBoS30 challenge, I started thinking about my day.  It was a good day overall, but one moment in particular will keep me going for these last 3 weeks.

Yesterday in Forensic Science, my co-teacher was lecturing on bones and the kids (as usual) were very engaged and asking a ton of questions.  One question they asked was answered with "maybe we'll be able to do that next year, but we are out of time this year."  The general response from the class was one of sadness.  This year's group has been awesome, but they are all a bit bummed because next year, we are moving the Forensics class to a full year course rather than a semester course.  One of the juniors immediately came up with a solution - a Forensics Club!  I told the student that we would look into it, but let's finish up the notes first.

Today, the student came to class asking if I had emailed the asst principal yet about Forensics Club.  This young lady went home last night, designed a t-shirt and already had a Google doc shared with some of the other students to generate ideas for club meetings, fundraising, etc.  Wow!  The energy and passion displayed by these underclassmen was just addicting.  The seniors even were jealous that they wouldn't have a chance to be a part of the club and asked if they could still get a t-shirt! :)

Any words of wisdom to a soon-to-be club sponsor? :)

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