Tuesday, November 11, 2014

NaBloPoMo - Day 11 - On the Personal Side of Life

**Note:  This post is a deviation from my normal math teacher stuff.. tune in tomorrow instead :) **

In March 2013, I embarked on a journey to change my lifestyle and to lose quite a bit of weight.  It was motivated by multiple factors, but one factor was definitely that I felt older than I actually was.  Over the past 20 months, I've had to purchase an entire new wardrobe and my goal was a fairly classic look, while still maintaining an appropriate wardrobe for my age.  That search for age-appropriate business attire lead me to many Pinterest boards and a lot of fashion blogs.  For someone who has always been pretty low maintenance, it has been an interesting transition to being a "girl". :)  Even one of my colleagues remarked this morning about how two years ago, she would have never guessed that I would wear skirts and dresses more than I wear slacks! :)

So why am I talking about fashion blogs on a math teacher website?!?! 

Today, as I watched the clock, preparing for Global Math to start, I was reading some of my favorite fashion blogs and read this post by Caitlyn at Greater Than Rubies.  Caitlyn asks two questions:
  • What is one thing you’re cultivating right now that you’re excited about?
  • What is one thing you want to cut off or pare down?
(I definitely recommend going to read the rest of Caitlyn's post... it's pretty thought provoking)

Caitlyn's post came at just the right time because I was having these thoughts today, hours prior to reading her post.  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the detail junk that I can't see the forest for the trees.  Things that I'm excited about end up getting pushed aside because of the to-do list that is never ending. 

To honestly answer Caitlyn's questions, one thing that I'm excited about is the return of #EduRead tomorrow night.  I've neglected my personal growth over the past few months because I was trying to deal with too much.  Sometimes, I need to learn to be selfish.  To do things because it's the best thing for ME at that moment.  I'm not sure (yet) what to cut off or pare down.... I'll have to do some more thinking on that one!

Today I'm Thankful For:
My freedom.  Today is Veteran's Day and I want to take a minute to thank all of the veterans out there.  My dad and my step-dad both served in the armed forces and it's because of them that I'm happy to celebrate the freedoms that we enjoy.  My dad was in the Navy, serving as a cook on a ship during peace time.  My step-dad was a Marine, serving during the Korean War and was one of the "Frozen Chosin".  My deepest thanks to all veterans - without you, our country would be vastly different.

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Amy Gruen said...

Ok, so I have also been "pinteresting" for teacher fashion and I just have one complaint . . . why are all those teacher-fashion-blog-gals super skinny? Where are the regular-sized people?