Tuesday, November 18, 2014

NaBloPoMo - Day 18 - A Fly on the Wall

From Chapter 2 of The Highly Engaged Classroom by Marzano:
When presenting new content, it is important to consistently monitor the pace at which information is being presented.  Detailed attention to content students already know may bore them, creating a slow or dragging pace.  However, moving too quickly through new content may frustrate students because they will not feel they have had adequate time to process what they have learned.  In general, teachers should present information in small pieces or chunks of knowledge.  After each chunk, students in small groups interact by summarizing or answering a question about what was presented.  Some teachers refer to this sequence as "chunk and chew."
This paragraph from Marzano made me think... If I were a student in my classroom, what would I think about the pacing?  Is it too fast?  Too slow?  Do I have enough processing time between activities? 

I know that I try to incorporate processing strategies in my class, such as Turn and Talk, but do I do enough of them to really allow students to process well?  I need to incorporate more QuickWrites and other quick summarizing strategies. 

I wish I was a fly on the wall in other classrooms - how do other teachers incorporate these strategies?

Today I'm Thankful For:
Warmer weather!  After a very frigid start to the day where we actually set new record low temps of 14 degrees (OMG!), the afternoon warmed up to a balmy 48 degrees!  It was like a heat wave!  I even walked outside without a coat!  I'm so ready for winter to be over :(

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