Friday, August 12, 2016

Goodbye Summer!

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Five Things I'll Miss About Summer

Summer is officially over.  Today was my last day of freedom.  Well, technically I'm free the next two days, but since that's the weekend, I don't think it counts.  Today was the last weekday of summer.  I report bright and early Monday morning to start my 19th year of teaching.  I didn't get all of my to-do list done, but all in all, it was a good summer.

1)  Morning Walks - I am proud to say that this summer, I succeeded in not screwing up my sleep patterns, so that will hopefully make getting up next week easier.  But one thing I'll miss is my morning walk.  With a few exceptions, I would get up around 6am and go for a 30 minute walk.  I loved the peace and quiet and during most walks, I was able to listen to the Truth for Teachers podcast.  I really love her positive spirit!  Once school starts, I value every moment of sleep plus I don't like the idea of getting up at 5am in order to walk, so I'll have to start doing that in the evening time.

2)  Coffee in Bed - My hubby is amazing.  After his alarm goes off, he goes to the kitchen and turns on the Keurig.  After his shower, he makes coffee and brings it to me in bed.  Such a great way to start my day!

3)  My Patio - After my walk, I would spend the next few hours on the patio, reading, doing my bible study, relaxing, and just generally enjoying nature.  The 100+ heat the past few days have killed most of my flowers, but this photo was taken last week:

4)  Naptime - As a kid, I wasn't a fan of napping.  As an adult, I could win the gold medal!  There is nothing better than a 2 hour nap on a lazy day. :)

5)  A Clean House - During the school year, I'm rather busy but during the summer, I like to have a picked up house and a bed that is made.  My house will never be a showplace, but at least in the summer, I do mop, vacuum, and dust on a regular basis! :)  Often, after my walk, I would do about an hour of cleaning before heading to the patio.  There's just something about that burst of productivity that lets you sit down at relax by 8am that feels so good!

And a bonus thing I'll miss... (mainly, I couldn't decide which one to leave off, so here's a bonus #6!)

6)  Quiet Alone Time - I am extremely introverted.  I love teaching, but I'll be honest in that it takes everything I have to put on my "energetic extroverted teacher face" and be in front of people all day.  During the summer, I can go days without seeing or talking to anyone other than hubby and that's a-ok with me!

What will you miss about summer?


Mrs. G said...

I love your quiet along time point! I feel like everyone assumes because we're outgoing with our kiddos at school that we are that way all the time and it can be totally exhausting! Nothing better than some quiet time to reenergize!

David Walker said...

My first day of school is Tuesday, so I also have that end-of-summer feeling today. But this is only my very first year of teaching.

What will I miss the most about the summer? I guess I'd have to say my freedom. Now I know that for the next ten months, I bear the responsibility of making sure that my students are learning math and science. I hope that I'll be able to survive my first year so that I can make it to my 19th!

I enjoyed reading your post from last week about how you decorated your room! I was able to use two of your downloadable files in my own room -- "Let's Talk" and the weekdays. I know that vocabulary and an agenda are two important things to have posted in the room.

Jennifer Abel said...

I'll miss morning walks too, with my 3 pups. I guess they will have to settle for an afternoon/evening walk once temps go down a bit :) Good luck on your first day next week!