Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ready for a New Year!!

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Ready for a New Year!!

The room is done, the lessons are planned, and kids are coming tomorrow whether I'm ready or not!

A few things to remind myself when I'm trying to remember later :)
  • I love the "What should my answer look like" from @mathequalslove
  • Table Folders rock!!!  (This is how I pass out papers)
  • The posters for the student feedback ask the following questions:
    • What are qualities of a good student?
    • What are qualities of a good teacher?
    • How do you learn best?  (Specifics please!)
    • What are you excited about this year?
    • What are you worried about this year?
  • Be Joyful Always!
Sorry for a short post, but I got home around 8:30 and kids come tomorrow!!!  EEKKKKKK!

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SergtPeppa said...

This looks amazing! Love the posters for student feedback! Have a great first day!