Monday, August 15, 2016

Special Right Triangles

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Special Right Triangles

Today was the first day back for the teachers and I'm exhausted!  It's not like I wasted away my summer, but being on my feet just about wore me plum out! :)

Anyway, last week, I was working on lesson plans for Pre-Calc and I created a foldable for Special Right Triangles  Of course, after I made it, I found all sorts of better stuff from the MTBoS, so it's not great, but it's what I have to share today given how tired I am! :)

This is one of my favorite foldable templates because you print them two to a page.  Here's what the Word document looks like:

My thought was to connect the dots from the square / equilateral triangle and try to make connections that we will use with the unit circle as well.  However, after working through it and then looking at some of the awesome stuff out there (like Sarah Carter's poof booklet), I realize how lackluster this one is.   However, it's what I've already sent to the copy shop, so I learn to deal with it and make it better next year!  :) :)

Here's the file if you want it.  You will need the font KG What does the Fox Say?

Is it bed time yet? :)

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Lisa McLeod said...

Congrats on making it through the first day AND writing a blog post! You rock!! The two-to-a-page format is my favorite too. They fit so nicely in a composition book, I still have room to write and it saves paper. This is a must since I purchase all that brightly colored paper on my own!