Saturday, August 27, 2016

Ups and Downs

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Ups and Downs

This was the first full week of school with kids and it was definitely full of ups and downs.  I knew throughout the week that I needed to blog but I'm already falling into a habit of typing and erasing because I don't want to be a downer.  Then as I was scrolling on Facebook, I ran across Rebecka Peterson's "One Good Thing" posts and it just made me smile.

It was a challenging week.  I have almost 200 students this year, the most I've ever had in my career.  I'm no where close to knowing names.  I have 3 preps, with 1.5 being new this year.  We have a new gradebook program that is creating a lot of chaos.  Our campus is undergoing some massive construction and other technology changes.  And to top it off, the a/c in my building is dead.  As in 83 degree air temperature plus 35 sweaty bodies equals 90 degree heat index type of dead.

But through it all, we are persevering.  Through it all, there were positive moments to be had.  Lots of laughter with my colleagues as we enjoyed being together again.  Ice cream from our admin team to end a hot and sweaty Friday.  Light bulb moments with my students as we built the unit circle in Pre-Calc, talked about eyewitness reports in Forensics, or talked about sampling methods in Stat.  Kids that made my day with positive comments, thoughtful questions, and overall great attitudes.  Opportunities to connect with students as we visited between classes.  Correspondence from previous students that said "My brother/sister has you this year and loves you already!".  The first "High Five Friday" of the year.  Kids from last year coming by and saying they miss my class.  Those moments are the ones that make it all worth it.

Thank you to Sam, and Rachel, and Elissa, and Rebecka, and all of the others that post on the One Good Thing blog.  Thank you for reminding us that "Not every day is a good day, but there is one good thing in every day!"  Thank you for being willing to share those tidbits of positivity with all of us.  Thank you for putting yourselves out there, being honest and raw and emotional, and truly showing how awesome this job can be.  

In the words of our morning announcements... Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours!


Tara Daas said...

Sorry your first full week was challenging - I empathize as I am now just finally breathing right at the end of week 3. The kiddos once again got me through it, and it sounds that way for you too -main reason we do what we do! Wishing you a tamer and great 2nd week😊

Sarah Carter said...

Teaching without air conditioning would be ROUGH! Hope they get it fixed soon for you guys!

David Walker said...

Thanks again for giving us Blaugust! I was one of the last bloggers to join, and on my blog you asked to see my room. I promised you I'd post pics of my classroom by the end of Blaugust, and I did finally post some! Actually I was posting pics of a class project, but the signs I got from your website are in the background of one of them!

Ouch 200 students! I know that you have ZERO empathy for my situation, where I have just under 80 students at my small charter school. And of course, you DON'T want to hear that I have one of the air-conditioned rooms at my school...

Anyway, I hope that the school year will get better for you soon. Good luck this year, and see you next Blaugust!