Saturday, August 6, 2016

New Bulletin Boards for 2016

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New Bulletin Boards

On Wednesday, I went up to work in my classroom for a bit.  My main goal was to finish up the bulletin boards and I was able to get several done.

First board isn't quite done, but I did get the fabric hung up.  I team teach a Forensic Science class with the science teacher next door and this summer on Etsy, I found this fabric:

Isn't that just the most awesome fabric ever?  Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of the fabric on the board, so I'll have to do that when I go up next time.

I also got my door put back together to start the year.  You've seen this one before, but I just love how it really sets the tone for the beginning of school:

The biggest chunk of the day was spent on this board, that I tweeted out because I was so happy to have it done!!!

Several people asked for the files, so click on the links below, which should open up a PDF file for you to print. :)

For the board on the left:
The title is made from KG The Last Time, size 350, then printed, laminated, and cut out.
Days and Weeks - font is Rubber Stamp LET

For the board on the right:
Sentence Starters - These mostly came from various sources around the internet, books, Pinterest, etc
Let's Talk - This is KG The Last Time, which is my favorite BB font

I have so much more to accomplish and only a week left of summer!!  AAACCCKKKK! :)


Meg said...

They all look great! LOVE the fingerprint fabric!!

Anonymous said...

that finger print fabric is awesome!!!