Tuesday, July 26, 2016

#MTBoSBlaugust is BACK!

Last year, I hosted the #MTBoSBlaugust event, hoping to get myself motivated to blog more and because misery loves company, I asked the MTBoS community to join in!  Today, I realized that August is NEXT WEEK (OMG OMG OMG) and so I tweeted out asking if people would be interested in the return of #MTBoSBlaugust and there was an extremely positive response!

So here we are...

Rules of Blaugust
The rules are pretty simple... all you need to do is blog!  :)

Seriously though, my goal will be to blog daily in August, but I know that's not always possible, so set your own goal!  Maybe it's a goal to blog every other day or to write at least 10 posts this month... whatever it is, you can do it!  This will be my 4th attempt to blog every day for a month and I have YET to achieve that goal, but it's okay - blogging once a week is better than not blogging at all!

Please take a minute to sign-up so I can link to your site as a #MTBoSBlaugust participant and cheer you on!

The Prompts
I know some people really like the prompts and you'll see a list down below.  However, do NOT feel like you have to stick to this list!  This list of prompts is only to help you when you are stuck with the "What in the world do I write about today?!?!?" moment.  For me, this year, I have committed to recording blog ideas using Google Keep on my phone and on paper via my planner.  I'm hoping that those quick little moments of "oh, that went well, I should blog that!" will actually help me remember what I wanted to blog about on a daily basis. :)  

On to the prompts:
  1. What do you hope to get out of Blaugust this year?
  2. Show us your classroom
  3. Top 5 Tips for New  (or Veteran) Teachers
  4. What are your Back to School Must-Haves?
  5. What Back To School supplies have you purchased this year?
  6. What have you made for your classroom this summer?  (#Made4Math)
  7. What is your favorite icebreaker or first day of school activity?
  8. How do you develop a positive classroom culture?
  9. What would you like to Start doing this school year?  What would you like to Stop doing?  What would you like to Continue doing?
  10. One time in math class... (as a teacher)
  11. One time in math class…(when I was a student…)
  12. Something I read/learned this summer that intrigued me…
  13. Pinned It, Did It and/or Pinned it, Did it, It flopped.
  14. Recipe Swap for Busy Teachers (Quick & easy lunches anyone?? Breakfast on the go?)
  15. Something that makes your classroom unique
  16. A  mentor/colleague who impacted your classroom/teaching…
  17. The best teacher I ever had was …. because ...
  18. How do you tame the paper tiger?
  19. What are your best organizational tips?
  20. Brain breaks for students.
  21. Favorite take 5 for yourself?
  22. Be the Change.. what will you do this year to impact the culture of your school and/or classroom?
  23. Using your school mascot, create an acrostic of character traits you wish to instill in your students
  24. What is your focus/theme/mantra for the year and why?  Create and share a notecard for your desk as a reminder.
  25. What are your go to quotes?
  26. Reblog an old post - reflect how you see/use it now?
  27. What are your favorite formative assessment strategies?
  28. Professional Growth Goal
  29. What are your best organizational tips?
  30. Theme song for the year? like your personal fight song?
  31. What is something in your classroom that you cannot live without?
  32. What’s a positive change you would like to make in your life - could be at school/home/health
  33. List of gratitude.
  34. Describe a typical day (or hour) in your classroom.
  35. What is your biggest classroom pet-peeve?
  36. Link to 3 blog posts that impacted you and share why.
  37. Read 3 posts from blogs you’ve never visited, give a quick take-away from each.
  38. What is your greatest joy in teaching?  What is your greatest fear?
  39. Tell us about you!  Post 20 facts about yourself.
  40. What are your New School Year Goals or Resolutions?
  41. What’s in (and on) your teacher desk?
  42. What’s the 10th song on your device playlist?  What memory does it conjure?
  43. What’s your “One Good Thing” for today?
  44. What do you do on parent night / open house?  
  45. What’s the toughest challenge you face as a teacher today?
  46. A favorite activity that is fun and leads to learning…
  47. An activity or something else in your classroom you wish to modify and improve.
  48. What's left on your Summer Bucket List?
  49. What are your favorite apps to use in your classroom?
  50. What is your fitness routine and how to stick to it during a busy school year?

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