Saturday, July 16, 2016

My 2016-17 Teacher Binder

So today I went to Staples to have my binder printed and totally made a rookie mistake... I had forgotten to save it as a PDF and they didn't have my font installed, so it was a wasted trip and I have to go back tomorrow.  *sigh*

Oh well... At least I did get my binder rings and a new cover so that I'm ready to go once I get it printed! :)

So here it is... My 16-17 Binder :)

The cover hasn't changed for the past few years :)  I like chevron, what can I say? :)

Open the page and you'll find a notes section and the cover page for my Agenda & Lesson Plans.  I never used the notes section last year, which has boxes to fit a 3x3 post-it note, but I still like the idea.  Maybe this year will go better :)

The first 6 pages of the Agenda are for Pacing Calendars, one for each of my 3 preps.  This was also a new addition last year that I did not use at all.  I'm going to try again...

Now let's get into some of the changes...  My monthly spread has undergone a transformation on the right side.  Hedge (@approx_normal) has been tinkering with a Bullet Journal this year, which made me do some research.  One feature that I really liked in the Bullet Journal is a Habit Tracker, so I decided to incorporate that into my monthly spread.  Add in some goals and a spot for a to-do list and hopefully I'll use this page more effectively!

For the weekly spreads, I decided to go with 2 different layouts.  First off, for 'non-school' weeks, such as July, I wanted a place to keep track of my to-do lists and look back to see what I've accomplished each day.  This layout was influenced by a weekly to-do list mousepad that I found at Target Dollar Spot. :)

For weeks that school is in session, I need a spot for lesson plans for 3 preps, my personal calendar for keeping track of meetings, tutoring, etc, and to-do lists.  Last year, I just had a blank column but I knew I wanted to be more intentional with regard to a place to reflect and a place to record blog post ideas, etc.  For me, I need everything to be in one place for my personal and professional agenda, so here's the final design:

There are a few more pages as well, such as a cover page for a Gradebook and Meetings.  I really like for my agenda to be a one stop shop, so it has my lesson plans and gradebook all in one.  This is one of the nice features of the Arc system as well - I can easily add to it!

Thanks to all of my twitter friends that gave me feedback the past few days! :)


Debbie Hurtado said...

Thank you for sharing your planner. I thought mine was done but now I'm completely redoing it. LOVE your ideas.

Sarah Carter (@mathequalslove) said...

Looks awesome!!!

Ricochet said...

Would you be willing to sell it?