Sunday, July 31, 2016

#MTBoSBlaugust Participating Blogs 2016

Can you believe that tomorrow is August 1???  Where, oh where, did summer go?  I swear that the older I get, the faster and faster that July runs away!

So far, 60 people have signed up to join me in the #MTBoSBlaugust challenge!  Here is a list of the participants - please go and cheer them on during this challenge either through a Twitter shout-out or by posting a comment on their blogs!

2016 #MTBoSBlaugust Participants:
@mathequalslove - Math = Love
Katrina Newell (@MrsNewellsMath) - Mrs. Newell's Math
@gwaddellnvhs - Success
@BusyMissBeebe - Busy Miss Beebe
@pamjwilson - Radical rational
@anyaostapczuka - Teaching In Special Education
@misscalcul8 - misscalcul8
Tara Daas (@chatelet0211) - Hazeleyedmathnut
@MathByTheMt - Math by the Mountain
@algebrasfriend - Algebra's Friend
@mlfosh73 - Math-termind
Danielle Reycer (@0mod3) - Math Teacher Nerds
Parkermathed - Countably Infinite
Jacqueline (@jacrichardson) - High Heels and No. 2 Pencils
@RoxyGirlTeacher - Rockstar Math Teacher
@fractionfanatic - Fractionfanatic
@merryfwilliams - Dividing by Zero
CherylLeung (@MathEasyAsPi) - MathEasyAsPi
@caitlyn_gironda - Give Me a Sine
Ali Grace (@AGEiland) - GRAPHS & GLASSES
@zimmerdiamonds - Ms. Z. Teaches in Mathland
Sarah Martin - Mathisajourney
David Griswold - Approximating Normality
@cheesemonkeysf - cheesemonkey wonders
Emily Swenson (@Em_Swenson) - The Fab Explor-A-Lab
Meg Craig (@mathymeg07) - Insert Clever Pun Here
Casey (@cmmteach) - (Mis)Adventures in Mathland
SqRtOfTeaching - The Square Root of Teaching
Anna Vance (@TypeAMathLand) - TypeAMathLand
@solvingforx - Orangamallows
@lisakmcleod - McLeod's Crowd: Algebra for All
@yelena585 - Blended Learning in my math classroom
@Mim_IL - Mim's Reflections
Marissa (@viemath) - La Vie Mathematique
@abel_jennifer - Mathsational
Bonnie Davis (@MrsDavisAlg2) - Teaching on the East Side
@ms_braga - Ms. Braga Teaches
@matheologian - Matheologian
@CGFlim - The Pizza Pi Girl
Denis Sheeran (@MathDenisNJ) - Unanswerable Questions
swedenese - e^m
@anne_mayre - La Vie en Violet
Jessica (@algebrainiac1) - Algebrainiac
@sarahkm3 - T-cubed: Tumbling Through Teaching
@MrKitMath - Those who teach, do more
@BridgetDunbar - Reflections in the Plane
@hschuchhardt - Slightly Skewed
@markchubb3 - Thinking Mathematically
Jennifer Wilson (@jwilson828) - The Slow Math Movement
Sarah (@sedulaney) - Go to Sleep. Study. Mathinate.
@MNmMath - mnmmath
DawneenZabinske - Ms. Z's Mathematical Mess
@MichelleDRD - dr dalrymple
Sarah DiMaria (@MsDiMaria) - Ms. DiMaria Blogs
Tori Roberts (@MathByTori) - Math by Tori
@jkindred13 - jkindred13: Teaching with a Servant's Heart
@lorrisapp - Dr. Sapp's Blog
Jasmine (@jaz_math) - Jaz_math
@ChrissieFicken - Room 206
@showwrk - Show me your work (thinking)
@mrssheilaorr - F(Lessons Taught) = Lessons Learned
@SharonSoule - Math Dame
@sergtpeppa - Big Honkin' WordPress
@vaughn_trapped - vlogakavaughnlog or Vaughnville
Jonathan Newman (@newmanmath) - Hilbert's Hotel
Allison_krasnow - PiCrust
@margambrel - Middle School Math in 138
Kerri S. - Math Differently
Joanne Crooks (@jomrosa) - Learning Math Everyday
Corina Srygley (@ccsrygle) - Sryg's Jigs
lizmathnerd - Fabuliz Math Nerd
@MrHansuvadha - Worst Teacher Ever
Kristin Manna (@kmanna15) - Manna Math
luvbcd - Middle School Math Rules
David Walker - Geometry, Common Core Style
@mathplusmusic - Math Plus Music
@frankmcgowa - Finding the Process


Sarah Carter (@mathequalslove) said...

Just added some new-to-me blogs to my feed reader. Thanks for organizing this, Shelli!

Nicole Paris said...

Going to try! @solvingforx

Unknown said...

can't wait to read everyone's posts! My challenge is to post my first #MTBoS tweet and comment on a blog every day!

Lisa McLeod said...

Just signed up! Excited to participate!

druin said...

@Sarah - Anytime! :)

@Nicole - Yay! Thanks for joining in!

@Ashley - Awesome!! Glad to have you as a part of the MTBos!

@Lisa - Excellent! Thanks for joining in!

Unknown said...

How do you sign up? Do we have topics to drive us? Here is my site. I want to do better this year!

Unknown said...

Thanks for organizing this list! I was starting to get a little lost when trying to find a bunch of them on twitter. So excited for this!

SiouxGeonz said...

Too late to get on board?