Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Blank Slate

August has arrived!!  And with the first day of August comes...

This month, I'm participating in a blog challenge called Blaugust. My hubby actually started this a few years ago within his blog-o-sphere and I stole it a few years ago to help motivate myself to blog during one of the roughest months of a teacher's year!

To see the list of participating blogs, click on the logo above. I would encourage to you please cheer on our participants with either a tweet or a comment on their blog during this month. It can be hard to blog on a daily (or even regular) schedule! :)  If you would like to join the blogging challenge, you can still sign-up anytime!

Since August has arrived, it was finally time to go to my classroom and try to figure out some details.  Here's what it looked like when I arrived:

While it can be overwhelming to think about all that needs to be done, one of my favorite things about teaching is that each year is a new start - a blank slate.  I often sit in my empty classroom and just think and dream about the new year and based on my unscientific twitter poll - I'm not alone! :)

One thing that amazes me every year is how the pulse of the room changes over the course of one day or even a few hours - it's like the room comes back to life, knowing that in a short while, there will be the hustle and bustle of children laughing and learning and chatting with their peers.

After a few hours of cleaning and rearranging desks, my room was feeling more "normal".  It's still not completely back to where it was, but that's a chore for next week!  I only worked for a few hours today, so other than cleaning, my biggest accomplishment was my classroom door:

(Sidenote:  cleaning desks has to be my least favorite chore of back to school!  Why, oh why, do kids feel so determined to put gum under their desks?  I mean, seriously!!  And while it's not quite as bad as gum, I also hate when kiddos put tape on their desks!  #teacherlife)

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