Monday, August 4, 2014

#Made4Math - Agenda Board

How is August already here!?!?  I swear that summer goes faster every year!  I start the summer with huge to-do lists, rarely spend an idle day, yet those to-do lists are still pretty massive...  *sigh*

This year, I never really "shut down" my room as I've been up there a couple times a week whenever I've been home.  One of the things that I tried last year was a weekly agenda board but due to the difficulty in erasing it, I never kept up with it.  I had thought of using one of the whiteboards in the back of the room, but I really wanted to keep those for student work if possible.  This year, I decided that using one of those boards would just have to happen because last year's idea did NOT work for me!

Here's my new agenda board:
I'm still not 100% happy with it.  I may end up re-doing it (again) with smaller letters or taking off the third column of "coming soon" so the weekly columns don't look so smushed.

Of course, I should be doing lesson plans, but this was much more enjoyable! :)

What did YOU make this week?  Visit the #Made4Math blog to see the other submissions!

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Meg said...

Love the black chevron border!