Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Never Thought I'd Get Excited About a Pencil Sharpener!

It is no secret that I LOVE School Supplies... like with big puffy heart loves!

With that said, I NEVER EVER expected to fall in love with a pencil sharpener!

In May, my electric pencil sharpener was on the verge of dying.  In order to get it to stop sharpening, you literally had to pull the electric plug out of the wall.  While it was somewhat comical to see students put their pencils in the hole and then wave their hands at me... "MRS T!!!  The sharpener isn't working!!!"  Umm, you might try plugging it in :)

Anyway, I knew I was going to have to replace it this year, so I asked on Twitter if anyone had recommendations.  (If you know anything about MTBoS, you totally get why I asked Twitter for the answer!)  Right away, I had answers from @pamjwilson and @KLBoles strongly recommending that I look into Classroom Friendly Supplies.  I read some reviews, watched the video, and thought, hmmm.. that looks interesting!  It turns out that Troy (the awesome owner of CFS) was looking for people to review the sharpener on their blogs and I fit the criteria!  (YAY for all of you readers out there... woot woot!)

Later that week, as Hubby and I were walking through Target, my phone buzzed.  I pull it out of my pocket to see who it was and turns out it was an email from Troy saying that I had been selected to do a review on my blog in exchange for a sharpener!  OMG - I totally did a happy dance in the middle of Target with my husband looking at me like I had gone INSANE! :)  (To his credit, when we got home and I showed him the Classroom Friendly Supplies website, he totally understood my excitement and was jealous that I got to have a sharpener and he didn't!)

A few days later, I was working at school when my phone buzzed again, saying I had a package delivered.... YAY YAY YAY!!  I

When I got home, I had a box on my doorstep with THIS beauty inside...

(Note:  You will notice that I was too excited to take a photo when it arrived... I forgot until I had already tested it out!)

It took me a few days to get my room settled in a place where I felt I could adequately try out the new sharpener...

Finally, I pulled it out of the box, and set it on the countertop.  Look how pretty it is next to my old, ugly, barely functioning electric sharpener!

So then I was on a hunt to find pencils.  For some reason, I totally missed the fact that I had some pencils in my spare pencil cup in the photo above!  Instead, I found some extra Mirados that I had from last year's AP Stat Goody Bags.

OMG!!!  Do you see those points!  Holy moly, those suckers are SHARP!!  I kept grabbing new pencils, trying to figure out how this sharpener worked...

Then, I noticed the dull ones in the cup... Hmmmm... what would happen with a yucky, old, dull pencil?

Let's try it.... 

The target:  A dull pencil

(Note:  I had to go scrounge in the teacher's lounge to find a dull one.. I had already sharpened all of the ones in my classroom!)

Prepare to sharpen:

Honestly, at first, I was like 'What the heck?  I don't get the whole pull out the guide thing!!"  That attitude changed once I sharpened a dull pencil!

After turning the crank a few times, you literally feel when the pencil is sharp.  No more pulling it out, checking sharpness, put it back, turn the crank some more!

After feeling that moment when the sharpener was done, you release the pencil to see this perfect point... What a thing of beauty!!


If you want your own Classroom Friendly Supplies pencil sharpener, Troy sent me a 5% discount code to share with you.  When you order, use the code P3LT5R to receive your discount!  Hurry though... this offer expires on November 1, 2014!

Happy Sharpening! :)


JFairbanks said...

Mine shipped today - pink! I can't wait!

Robin Nehila said...

After I got mine last year, almost all of the teachers and the secretary at my school got one too! I LOVE mine too!